US Retractable Screen Systems

The US Retractable Screen System offers the homeowner, the ability to enjoy the beauty of their doors or windows with an unobtrusive view that provides ventilation and pest protection without the unsightly swinging screen door.
Individually Tailored and Custom Built to your window or door means that it is customized to your needs. You never have to worry if the screen will fit your patio door. Whether you have single, arcadia or double door frames, we can specially fit any door or window.

US Retractable Screen Systems for doors, windows, patios and virtually any opening that is suitable for screening. US Retractable Screen Systems are the only screen system with three patent pending speed reducers and WHICH is suitable for both residential and commercial uses....Not to mention they are proudly Made in the USA!

Features & Benefits
• Disappears when not in use
• 3 Patent Pending Speed Reducers for Safety
• Patent Pending U-Latch System
• A Powder Coated finish formulated to withstand the toughest elements
• Available in 16 standard colors to match your home’s décor
• 600 additional colors and the ability to custom match ANY color
• Teflon™ baked into the tracks for a smooth open and close every time
• Patent Pending Easy Grip DuPont Nylon Handle
• SuperScreen™ mesh that is tear, puncture and mildew resistant
• Heat welded mesh at the top and bottom to help prevent fraying
• Patent Pending Interior 1 piece magnet and end cap system

Exterior Shading Systems

Stobag Casa Box -Cassette Awning with Folding Arms

The small dimensions of the Casabox with its very flat, completely sealed housing makes it especially suitable for wall or top fixing on balconies. This awning features mounting support or mounting support profile for individual or series installation, and continuous angle adjustment from horizontal to vertical on the lateral rotating mechanism. The awning includes solid aluminum folding arms with integrated tension spring, double stainless steel cables and cable protection over the center arm joint. The front rail closes the cassette profile perfectly. The elegant cassette with brush sealing top and bottom protects the awning against the wind and weather when retracted and thus guarantees a long life.
Standard drive low-friction bevel gearbox with integrated end stop, freewheel crank ring and operating handle.

Stobag Select /Ombramatic Awning Systems

The Stobag is a compact folding arm awning with hidden triangular mounting bar, solid aluminum folding arms with integrated tension spring, double stainless steel cables and cable protection over the center arm joint. It has a rounded front rail, and can be wall or soffit mounted, or mounted on roof rafters. The units also feature easy continuous angle adjustment using the adjusting screw on the arm bearing.
The Select Ombramatic S8135 is fitted with an additional gearbox allowing manual angle adjustment of both arms simultaneously by an operating handle. When retracted, the hood (optional) and the front rail give the awning an elegant appearance and protects against the weather. The adjustable hood with end stop and free wheel provide a perfect finish to the front rail and hood. The version with a 13' projection is fitted with special folding arms and additional arm supports and must be motor driven.
This unit features a standard drive with easy-running bevel gear box and hand crank. Certain sizes require a motor (see price list). An optional retractable valance can be installed with up to 8’ of fabric drop available on units with 11‘6” projection or less. Cover with acrylic fiber from the Sunbrella/Dickson collection.

President Motorized Sunscreen -Interior or Exterior

The President motorized sunscreen with Mermet sunscreen fabric offers customers excellent solar protection and glare reduction while maintaining an excellent level of visibility.
The President comes complete with stylish extruded aluminum housing box and is offered complete with your choice of side rails, side cables or free hanging hem bar. The president can span distances of up to 12’ without fabric gaps and up to 24’ as a coupled unit. The motorized President comes standard with a switch operated motor and can be upgraded to remote control or integrated to operate with various automation systems and accessories.
The President is available in four standard colors: White, Sand, Bronze and Ivory.
The President also is available in an optional extra cost Stand Off mount unit where the fabric roll is reversed so that the fabric comes off the front of the box rather than off the back. The Stand-Off mount is ideal for situations where there is an obstruction protruding from the area being covered such as a door knob, water faucet or large window moldings.
Vertically welded edges tape application is available on President models for a slight up charge.

Solette Sunscreen -Motor Exterior Drop System

The Solette sunscreen is a versatile shading system for covering larger openings.
The Solette can span distances of up to 18’ with a single panel of fabric and as a coupled system up to 35’ and larger. The Solette comes standard with crank operation and Mermet fabric for superior solar Ultra Violet and glare control. In addition the Solette can be motorized with switch or remote control motors or be controlled with various automated controls.
The Solette is available in White, Sand, Bronze and Ivory powder coated finishes.
The prices include installation brackets and hembar. Additionally there is an extruded aluminum box, regular and heavy duty hem bar. Side rails come in three sizes (standard, flange, and heavy duty Robusta), in matching colors, along with side cables available for an additional charge. We also offer vertical welding of the sides as an option.

SecureZip Motorized -Interior or Exterior

The SecureZip system represents the finest zipper system in the world, providing a screen that is wind resistant and at the same time insect proof. The unique slithering system keeps the fabric always in perfect position. The screen can be equipped with either screen fabric or blackout fabric. The SecureZip system keeps the sun, warmth and insects outside of the house. They are easy to install on every window or façade.
This product has been skillfully designed and engineered by the European Bruster Company who have incorporated many refinements from the original zipper systems to produce what we believe is the finest zipper system in the world. The system features 2 piece extruded box and tracks. All hardware is protected in rugged polyester based powder coating finish.


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